Brief essay on valcanoes

Volcanic eruptions cause heavy damage to human lives and property through advancing hot lavas and fallout of volcanic materials; destruction to human structures such as buildings, factories, roads, rails, airports, dams and reservoirs through hot lavas and fires caused by hot lavas; floods in the rivers and climatic changes.

The great eruption of Mt. The eruptions are almost rhythemic or nearly continuous in nature but sometimes they are interrupted by long intervals.

Less fluid basic lava is ejected, at times with violent explosions. The tallest volcano in the world is the Ojos del Salado, a volcano in Chile. Some of the earthquakes of low intensity become less dangerous however earthquakes having high intensity become very dangerous and can be extremely violent especially in the areas it occurs.

All eruptions, explosive or nonexplosive, are accompanied by the release of volcanic gas. People, in the ancient time, believed that earthquake occurs as mother earth was angry with them.

Vulcanicity also becomes active in the inner parts of continental plates. Pyroclasts vary in shape and size. A major part of the world's active volcanoes above sea level encircle the Pacific Ocean forming the "Ring of Fire.

Most of the metallic minerals like copper, gold, silver, lead and zinc are mined from the magmas found deep within the roots of extinct volcanoes.

The hot molten liquid ejected through a vole known as lava. The destruction they leave in their wake accounts for the total annihilation of the surrounding landscape. Volcanoes are generally concentrated on the edge of continents, along the island chain, or beneath the sea forming long mountain ranges.

Hot Spot eruptions occur in the middle of a plate, not at a boundary. Mid-Atlantic belt includes the volcanoes mainly along the mid-Atlantic ridge which represents the splitting zone of plates.

Volcano Essay

Faults created by the volcanic activitiy are filled up by the strong earht surface movement which causes tremor. Others, such as shield volcanoes and composite volcanoes may show high order discontinuities such as major chemical changes, volcano-tectonic events like caldera collapse, or long erosional intervals.

The weaker zones of the earth are represented by folded mountains western cordillera of North America, Andes, mountains of East Asia and East Indies with the exceptions of the Alps and the Himalayas, and fault zones.

The most dangerous volcanic eruption recorded is the eruption of Mount St. Like earthquakes, the spatial distribution of volcanoes over the globe is well marked and well understood because volcanoes are found in a well-defined belt or zone fig.

Volcanoes which erupt very often like the Vesuvius are classed as active volcanoes. Pierre town and killed all the 28, inhabitants leaving behind only two survivors to mourn the sad demise of their brethren.

Etna and Stromboli of the Mediterranean Sea are the most significant examples of this category. Volcanoes are like giant safety valves that release the pressure that builds up inside the Earth.

Volcanoes occur when magma makes its way to the surface of the earth. Once cooled, pahoehoe forms smooth rocks, while aa forms jagged rocks. Stronger earthquakes generally end up with huge and forced vibrations at long distance from the main point of arousal.

Classified by the extent of their activity volcanoes are of four types. The Hawaii islands were formed by 5 volcanoes. Classified by the extent of their activity volcanoes are of four types. The world's largest volcano is the Muano Loa in Hawaii. With this information although it might not be possible to prevent the erupting of a volcano at least the massive destruction of lives can be avoided by getting people evacuated in time.

The tallest volcano in the world is the Ojos del Salado, a volcano in Chile.

Short Essay on Volcanoes

With the increasing studies done by scientists on volcanoes it is becoming possible to gauge the activity level of a volcano. There are about known active volcanoes on Earth, not counting those that lie beneath the sea.

For example, great mud flow created on the steep slopes of Kelut volcano in Japan in the year killed 5, people. Ground water heated by magma can be tapped for geothermal energy.

The nuee ardente spread laterally out of the mountain Mount Pelee with great speed which caused disastrous avalanches on the hillslopes which plunged down the slope at a speed of about kilometres per hour.

A stratovolcano, also known as a composite volcano, is a tall, conical volcano. It is built up of many layers of hardened lava, tephra, pumice, and volcanic ash. Unlike shield volcanoes, stratovolcanoes have a steep profile and periodic eruptions.

Included: volcano essay content. Preview text: A volcano is an opening, in the planet's surface which allows hot, molten rock, ash and gases to escape from below the surface.

The name. Even though volcanoes cause a lot of destruction, some of its effects are also beneficial to mankind. Incertain cases, it is possible to harness the underground heat generated by volcanism to human needs i.e.

to meet the requirements of future. Here is your short essay on volcanoes Ranjita Advertisements: When it extrudes ore or ejects to the surface of the earth it gives rise to volcanoes. A valcano is a coni!

hill with a nearly circular opening known as vent, through which hot gases, va molten liquid - the lava and rock fragments are ejected from beneath the earth, vent is. A Stratovolcanoes is a composite volcano where it is made up of layers of lava flow, ash and un melted stone according to "Volcano Facts and Types of Volcanoes." These volcanoes are taller than cinder cones and have a venting system of magma going through it.

Free volcanoes papers, essays, and research papers. Volcanoes in Australia and New Zealand - Why doesn’t Australia have volcanoes and New Zealand does.

Brief essay on valcanoes
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Short Essay on the Effects of Volcanoes on the Human beings